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Curriculum Update
Primary 1 - 4
Welcome to Primary 1-4's class page!

We have Mrs Sheridan as our class teacher this year and we have 18 pupils in our class!

Libberton Primary School is the Best  By Sofia (P2)
I think we should go to Libberton because it is an excellent school. I believe that if you go to Libberton Primary school you can see all the amazing stuff all around the school. I think you should go to Libberton to see the amazing teachers and the playground because it has swings and slides. I feel that you should come to Libberton Primary School because it is an excellent school.

Libberton Primary School is the Best By Ben (P2)
I think Libberton Primary is the best. I think Libberton is fun. You get to go on school trips and we have kind teachers and a sandpit.  My friends are great because they help me. We have lots of fun clubs.  Come to Libberton because maths is best.

Libberton Primary School is the Best By Pyper (P4)

I think Libberton Primary school is the best because it is the best school in the world. The playground is the best to play in because kids like the sand pit and muga. When the kids get stuck the teachers help. The classroom is the best because I like maths. I like to go to clubs like dance. I like lunches because they're fantastic. Come to Libberton Primary school because it is the best because it is fantastic.

Libberton Primary School is the Best By Katie (P2)
I think Libberton is fun and cool. I love the  playground because it is fun and beautiful and cool. The teachers are the best and funny.  We have the nicest friends ever because they are kind.  We had a great time at all the clubs. I love school because maths is fun and we play games.

Libberton Primary School is the Best  By Thomas (P3)
I think Libberton Primary is the best school ever.  I think Libberton Primary has the best teachers ever. There are 38 friends to have.  
We go on loads of trips in a year. We have the best view. We have a library with teddies to read with.  I think Libberton Primary is the best.

Libberton Primary School is the Best  By Michael (P3) 
I think Libberton Primary school is the best school in the world! I think Libberton Primary School is the best because you can learn a lot, and the playground is great. The clubs are marvellous. Not many schools have trips but if you go to Libberton Primary School you're in the right place. You can make hundreds of friends. We have the best teachers in the world. Our view is a miracle. Our lunches are mega delicious. All our pupils are kind. Libberton Primary School is mythical. You can get lots of motivation, encouragement and advice. Your dream will come true if you go to Libberton Primary School. I know Libberton Primary school is the best because I know it's not normal, it's incredible.

Libberton Primary School is the Best  By Alfie (P3)
I think Libberton Primary school is the best in the world.
I think Libberton primary is the best because the playground has slides, swings and an obstacle course with a muga and a sandpit. There are 38 really nice and kind friends with the nicest teachers in the world.
Libberton is the best because the lunches are the best.

Trip to some local Farms! Mar23
We had a fabulous (snowy!) day visiting two local farms this week!  HillHead Farm in Covington seeing the dairy farm, then a visit to the Milk Hut where we enjoyed some delicious milkshakes!  Followed by a trip to Bowmuir Farm in Libberton to see the lambs, some chicks, goats and alpacas!  We had a wonderful day and have lots of new information and things to write about for our Farm to Fork topic this term!  Have a look on our Gallery Page for some photographs. 

Trip to the Museum of Rural Life Feb23
As part of our topic this term, we were delighted to be able to go on a trip to the Museum of Rural Life in East Kilbride recently for our Primary 1-4 pupils.

We attended a Farm to Fork workshop where we learned about the journey of food.  What animals give us beef, mutton and pork?  How does the wheat growing in a field turn into bread for our sandwiches?  We found out where our food comes from in a fun and interactive session learning about how food is harvested, how animals are reared, and traditional techniques used on the farm.  It was a lot of fun!   Please see our Gallery page for some pictures from our big day out! 

Here are some words from Ben (P2), Charlie (P4) and Thomas (P3) about our trip: 
'I liked seeing the piggys!   We learned about lots of animals!'
'We went on a tractor and went to the farm in the museum!'

'On our trip we went into a tractor's trailer.  The tractor brought us to a farm; it was fun!'